Dept. of Psychology

Dept. of Psychology

Establishing a criterion for education through passion and conviction

About the department

The Department of Psychology at Hallym University, which was established in 1994 and has been growing steadily. It emphasizes training in both basic and applied areas of psychology. The curriculum covers a diverse areas of psychology in cognitive, social and personality psychology as well as clinical, organizational and criminal psychology. A number of courses are also offered in the area of experimental design, statistics, psychological measurement, and testing. As a result of the hard work by professors, students, alumni many graduates now work as psychology experts in academia, hospitals, counseling centers, schools, disaster fields and so on.
However, the greatest attraction of psychology is in diversity. There are various types of psychology that look very are close to natural sciences such as physiological psychology and neuropsychology as well as humanistic aspects like philosophical psychology. If students come to psychology with a broader perspective and an open mind, we believe that students can develop their own expertise in more creative and diverse fields beyond those described above.

Educational objectives

Majoring psychology aims to acquire basic knowledge of the field of psychology and research methodology, and to cultivate talented people who can use psychological knowledge in real life.

- Serving psychological health of oneself and others
As society becomes more complicated, all kinds of individual psychological problems become serious. Our department aims to cultivate talented people who can help various psychological problems of themselves and others, and can serve psychological health promotion.

-Making a contribution to the development of industries and various organizations.
Our department aims to foster talented people who can contribute to the development of industries and various organizations.

-Providing hands-on education in addition to acquiring knowledge through lectures
To do this, it facilitates experiments and practice by running laboratories and fosters talented persons who can appropriately use acquired knowledge by providing opportunities practice on a field-by-field basis. 

-Acquiring the research ability and fostering talented persons.
Students will have basic research ability in the social science fields by studying research methods and computers programming skills. Through the acquisition of the research methodology, students are trained to be employed in research institutes or investigation agencies.

Prospects and career

Psychology is a young and growing study with high probability of development. There is a growing demand for professional knowledge about psychology and major of psychology, and the influence of psychology on society is also increasing.
Career related to psychology depends on the types of degree. The graduates from psychology most work in all kinds of pollsters, advertising agencies, and general enterprises. There are also increasing numbers of psychologists hired by national organizations. Currently, there are psychology majors working the Correction and Rehabilitation Bureau of the Ministry of Justice, the National Police Agency, research centers under the Ministry of Employment and Labor, and the research centers of the National Railroad Administration.
In order to be a professional, students should be educated and trained more over master's degrees. If students get degrees over master's degrees in Korea, the number of clinical/counseling psychologists is highest and they usually work in hospitals, counseling centers, court, the Military Manpower Administration, and so on. And if students get their master's degrees in criminal psychology, they work in the National Police Agency or prisons. If students obtain their doctor's degrees, they mostly work in a university as professors. And some graduates work in various research centers as researchers.
However, students can break new ground in various fields according to their ability and interest because psychology provides more diversity and possibility than other major fields. Considering continuous increase of demands for psychology in almost all social fields such as criminal psychology, health psychology, army psychology, development of artificial intelligence, establishment of governmental policies, unification issues, education issues, youth problems, city traffic issues, and environmental issues, it is expected to be more opportunities of getting jobs related to psychology in each field of society regardless of degrees.